Municipal Court

Texarkana Texas Municipal Court wall sign

Welcome to the City of Texarkana, Texas Municipal Court webpage. We invite you to learn more about the court's fine payment information, citation dismissals, deferred dispositions, driving safety courses, trial information, juvenile cases and warrants.

As a department, the Municipal Court hears and makes decisions on all cases filed with the clerk's office over which Municipal Court has jurisdiction. The judge issues warrants for defendants who do not take care of citations or otherwise answer a promise to appear, and also insures all other necessary writs. The judge holds trials on contested cases and hearings for requests for time pay for defendants who requests such. The judge holds indigent hearings when necessary

Additionally, the judge is independently responsible for performing all duties of a magistrate under the laws of the State of Texas, such as; holding examining trials, issuing search warrants, and all other functions of a magistrate as defined by the laws of the State of Texas. The judge determines eligibility for defensive driving and all of the requests for community service.

Our goal is to provide to the citizens a fair and competent court system with a professional, courteous, and efficient staff. To provide exceptional customer service and to make updates necessitated by changes in the law in the procedures of the court. Again, we invite you to learn more about our department and direct any questions to a member of our staff.

Texarkana, Texas Municipal Court Clerk Staff