Fleet Services

Program Description

Fleet services is a team of professionals dedicated to enhancing city services by providing departments with safe and effective vehicles and equipment. The department ensures the responsible use of tax dollars by managing the acquisition, maintenance, and disposal of the City's fleet in the most cost effective manner possible.

The Department functions as a team and takes pride in providing exemplary services to its customers and citizens.

Program Focus

The Department is committed to providing City departments with high quality repair and maintenance services in a manner that minimizes equipment downtime and the interruption of City services to citizens.

Training is a cornerstone to providing quality service for customers and providing employees with the opportunities necessary to develop and enhance their skills and workmanship.


Fleet maintains city owned vehicles and equipment for these departments:

  • Animal Control
  • Code Enforcement
  • Engineering
  • Fire Department
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Building and Health Inspections
  • Library
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Police Department
  • Sign & Signal
  • Street Maintenance

Fleet also maintains the City fuel facility.

Fleet is currently administering the City of Texarkana, Texas fleet replacement fund. Residents of Texarkana, Texas will begin to see the older City vehicles phased out as new vehicles are brought in according to the replacement schedule.

Report It!

All City owned vehicles and equipment are marked with a unit number. If you see any City owned vehicle or piece of equipment operating in an unsafe manner, please call the Fleet Maintenance Department at 903-798-3921 to report the unit number.