Teacher Resources

The City of Texarkana, Texas has many resources for teachers to use to be involved in the recycling program and other resources to teach their students how to recycle!

Teacher Resources:

Yes and No Posters (PDF) – This activity is for all age groups. This is for students to develop understanding about what is recyclable in the City of Texarkana, Texas. This is done by sorting pictures of items as well as small samples of others, i.e. cardboard and food wrappers.

The Edible Landfill Activity (PDF)

River and Sky’s Lone Star Activity Book (PDF)

Recycling Scorecard for Kids (PDF)

Recycling for Kids: Small Steps Toward a Better Future

General Resources:

Student Announcements – Use these kid friendly tips for intercom announcements, messages or as an addition to your classroom morning or afternoon routine

Earth Day Sample Flyer (PDF)

Why Recycling Makes Sense (PDF)

10 Things Present (PDF)

Did You Know (PDF)

Field Trips:

As a community service to the city and the citizens, Texarkana Water Utilities provides verbal and/or PowerPoint programs for service clubs and various levels of educational groups on water treatment, wastewater treatment, composting, functions of Texarkana Water Utilities and Geographic Information Systems as well as group touring of the treatment processing facilities. Please contact us on scheduling a facility, date and time as follows:

South Regional Waste and Water Treatment Plant Contact Information: 

Tour of the Water Treatment Facility:

  • Wright Patman Treatment
  • 2700 New Boston Road
  • Call (903) 798-3850 for tour scheduling
  • Tours are approximately 30 minutes
  • Pamphlets are provided

Tour of the Wastewater Treatment Facility:

  • South Regional Wastewater Treatment
  • 4000 South State Line Avenue
  • Call (903) 798-3860 for tour scheduling
  • Tours are approximately 90 minutes
  • Pamphlets are provided

Speakers and Power Point Presentations:

  • Call (903) 798-3821 for scheduling
  • Program times are adaptable

Student Presentations: Educating students about recycling is essential for developing environmental awareness in the community. Lessons can be tailored to meet teaching objectives and target different age groups.

Topics Include:

Where does the garbage go?

What is a landfill and how is it made?

What happens to the recyclables in my cart?

The 3 R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Conserving resources

What can we make with recyclables?

What is in our waste?

Kids Presentation (PDF)

River and Sky Activity Book
Top 10 Things You Can Do to Make a Difference