Vector Control

The Vector Control (VC) officer with the City of Texarkana, Texas works to treat and help reduce mosquito population. The Public Works office takes the complaints received and forwards the necessary information to the VC officer through a work order. The following is information on what the City does to treat for mosquitoes and larvae. See the link and FAQ's for owner/tenant information on what you can do to help reduce mosquito population on your property. 

The VC officer currently checks and treats 64 known standing water sites throughout the year, as well as used tire outlets for mosquito larva. Complaints received regarding standing water are checked for larva and treated as needed. Drainage areas, retention ponds and creeks are also checked and treated throughout the year. The Integrated Pest Management system (IPM) is followed on landing rates, larva counts, and spraying. Spraying is performed April to October of each year, or until the first hard freeze. Residents may call and request an area be sprayed and/or resprayed, as well. Please note, currently the VC officer is spraying all areas of the City limits of Texarkana, Texas.