Community Development Block Grant Program

Public Comment Period: November 27 - December 11, 2023

Notice of Public Comment

The City of Texarkana, Texas hereby gives notice that the DRAFT of the Community Development Block Grant 2022 Program Year Consolidated Annual Performance Evaluation Report (CAPER) will be available for public review/comment. The Department of HUD requires all recipients of CDBG funds to submit an annual report. All interested persons or groups are encouraged to review the DRAFT CAPER & formally present their comments for inclusion in this report.

The CAPER DRAFT can be reviewed during the 15 Day Public Comment Period at the following location during regular business hours between November 27 to December 11, 2023:

Texarkana, Texas City Hall

220 Texas Boulevard

Texarkana, Texas 75501

The DRAFT CAPER is also available on the Texarkana, Texas website (

 The City will hold a Public Hearing for the CAPER will occur on December 11, 2023. Citizens are asked to present their comments at this Public Hearing or to submit written comments to the City by 5:00 p.m. December 11, 2023.

These meetings are conducted in accordance with the Texas Open Meetings Law (V.T.C.A. Government Code 551) & in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act 42 USC 12101 (1991). The facility is wheelchair accessible & handicap parking is available. Requests for sign interpretive services are available upon request, which must be received at least 48 hours prior to the meeting.


The City of Texarkana, Texas will be funding a critical repairs program for low-to-moderate income households. This program will be carried out by Habitat for Humanity of Texarkana. Individuals interested in the program should contact Habitat at (903) 832-1746.

Another program being funded through TDHCA (Texas Department of Community Affairs) HOME program. Homeowners who are eligible for the HOME Program can apply to have their existing house or mobile home demolished and a new home built at the same site. This program will be carried out by KBB Homes.  Individuals interested in the program should contact KBB Homes at (903) 556-5305.


CDBG Projects for the period of Oct 2023 - Sept 2024:

Down Payment Assistance                                        10,000

Sidewalks-Rosehill                                                   72,500

Housing Repairs-Habitat                                         100,000

Bus Stop Covers                                                      80,000

Beverly Park Road                                                 143,551

Code Enforcement Officer                                        25,000

Community Gardens-Beverly & Rosehill                    12,000

Tree Planting-New Boston Rd & Summerhill Rd           8,000

Walking Trail-Bell Park in New Town                         100,000

Administration                                                          72,000

Public Services:

Vista, HMIS                                                               2,000

Mission Texarkana-Litter Program                              16,000

Amachi Youth Services                                              16,000

Haven Homes                                                           10,000

The Scholars                                                            10,000