Impoundment and seizures

Sec. 8-8. - Impoundment and seizures. 

(a)  The following animals may be impounded or seized through legal process:

(1)  Any animal kept under conditions which can endanger the public or animal health.

(2)  Any animal that has rabies or symptoms thereof or that a person could reasonably suspect of having rabies or that bites, scratches or otherwise creates a condition which may have exposed or transmitted the rabies virus to any human being or animal, or that requires observation for rabies as determined by the animal control officer.

(3)  Any animal other than a cat running at large. Any cat running at large not displaying current rabies tags and city registration or impoundment pursuant to section 8-16(6).

(4)  Any animal treated in a manner determined to be in violation of cruelty to animals, Texas Penal Code §§ 42.09, 42.091, 42.092, as amended or dog fighting, Texas Penal Code § 42.10.

(5)  Any animal reasonably suspected of having inflicted bodily harm on any human being or animal that poses a threat to public safety or constitutes a public nuisance.

(6)  Any prohibited animal.

(b)  The city shall select and establish facilities for the impoundment, quarantine, maintenance and destruction of animals.

(c)  Reasonable effort shall be made by the animal control officer to contact the owner of any animal impounded which is wearing a current rabies vaccination tag or a current city license tag.

(Code 1961, § 4-9; Ord. No. 085-09, § 1, 7-27-2009)

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