How do I make an Open Records/FOI request?
The City Secretary’s Office will need the following in order to process a request for information under the PIA:

A request in writing
Specific information identified in the request
Contact name, phone number, and address
A request emailed, mailed, faxed or hand delivered to City Hall

Public Information or data requests, sent by email or fax, to other staff within the City will be processed as time permits. For these requests, please refer to the City’s Master Fee List on our website as copy and processing charges may apply.

Please send Public Information Requests to:

Office of the City Secretary
Jennifer Evans, City Secretary
City of Texarkana, Texas
220 Texas Blvd.
Texarkana, TX 75501

Phone: 903-798-3930
Fax: 903-798-3448

If the request is for Municipal Court documents send to:
Jean Ann Yeager or Phone: 903-798-3008

If the request is for Police Department records send to:
Phone: 903-798-3136
Fax: 903-793-3664

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1. How do I make an Open Records/FOI request?
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